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I call myself a storyteller because I write books and songs and inspire audiences with music, workshops and keynote speeches. I began my musical career by writing the 1983 #1 country song of the year, José Cuervo (you are a friend of mine). When I moved to Nashville, I signed a record contract to record and produce 11 CDs of piano instrumentals, most of which are my own compositions. 

When I am in the studio, I surround myself with candles and pictures of loved ones with the intention to add love to the music I play. After over five million downloads of my compositions, I learned that my music has been used in wellness environments all over the world. 

More recently I am busy working on musicals, speaking about the power of music, writing historical novels, screenplays, books for children, and music for theater. There is so much I want to share with you, including my simple way of teaching anyone how to play the piano in just an hour.