I met Cynthia Jordan in 2005 when she moved to San Angelo. I was impressed with the fact “Cindy” wrote the huge country hit, Jose Cuervo you are a friend of mine. I also learned that she is a classically trained pianist and composes lovely piano music. I immediately asked her to share her talents with us at our Museum which she did with enthusiasm. In the years since her arrival, I have engaged her multiple times for a variety of programs. She has helped us organize several high level fund-raisers and developed casual short entertainment programs tied into exhibition openings and interpretive programs. She loves working with children and is uniquely skilled in that regard. Among the various ways that she has worked with our children, she incorporated her You Are Awesome music program into our summer camps.

Cynthia did not hesitate to get involved with the larger San Angelo community and became interested with the local history. In 2009 she originated the Lady in Blue event to celebrate the story of a nun from the 1600’s, Sor Maria de Agreda who ministered to the local Jumano Indians. Cynthia recorded original music to tell her story.

Her most recent endeavor is a new musical she calls, Pearl. It tells the discovery of the Santa Rita No. 1 in 1923 with original jazz, boogie and even a few vaudeville songs from that era. Her unique style of telling history with music and song is fun and entertaining.

Cynthia is a consummate musician and communicator and a delightful person to work with. She is quite flexible, has wonderful ideas to contribute in the process of program development and in essence is highly cooperative and will work with you to produce a program that engages and delights audiences. I highly recommend her to you.

Howard Taylor

Director San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts